kenneth’s fovorite Word Press – learned today!!! ??? what did she say???

where do U find the personal setting under settings for word press

word press can be

a page is a different url.

a page is a separate


a page is a static location – at a permanent address

a post could end up taking up most of your page

post pages can take up the whole page, so to view post, it can go to the separate page

i don’t want the home page to be the blog page!!!
this will be too cramped, maybe a short blog post, or a bar to show the blogs.

what is she talking about when a page is wireframes

pages are real bedrooms in a house – at the home
a post is related to any of the rooms

health and nutrition
various work outs
various foods
when to binge
taking a break from working out

pop-up windows
it is an interactive window, like U can roll over a product and see the different styles that you can get

for the love art in a series, do a pop up, where U can scroll through them and see the various different kinds of them. making them large when the image is rolled over!!!

pop up-windows = all java-script –

about creating posts
☞ turn on double speed and closed captinging
☞posts are made by
➨ blogs are posted by latest date first
the content is always changing – on the blog
a category is a bucket
goods and services will be put both into goods and services , ➨ because it was tagged to both,and put into both categories

➨ tags – tags could be like a color, or a model in the piece[s]
so when U search, U get the different items that are tagged, they come in when you searched.

➨ categories – painting, sculpture, mixed media
➨ pinterist , learnist, are sites that teach U = or cable tv
➨ U can put in a certain image, and put a post about how U created an image in class or (Art – Therapy) –
➨ i want to put up a sectiopn of where people will record poetry for me!!! for free, and eventually, if an artist picks it up, i will give them 1% up to 10k???
what did i not learn, and what do i need to do

➨ extra feature in posts is breakpoints they are the line that say – continue reading… but if U do not have time, you don’t bother the continue reading tag
this helps to conden\se articles and makes it more easy to navigate

➨ posts are stayed on site for a long time
➨ descriptions and images are pages of the home, they don’t change –

➨ a contact page is going to be the same – it is a room in a home

➨ post pages will be changing all the time, and there are temporary pages that are permantly sharing some of that information that is to be shared for that day or week etc. –
post most important item

most interaction

creating a post should be as easy as possible

new post tab under word press
new post in the dashboard

use full post editor in the dashboard if  ¨want –
go to name, go to bottom to U’r name again
go to new post from there

“be the plug in for my plug in to be plugged in while the air is thin by Lublin”

our assignment is to go in there and type Kenneth’s Favorrite site

write and do things

learning this from Lynda: Essential Training | Video Tutorial from

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