Natural Love ✈ RIP – art ✈ ♡ managing and coping with depression & PTSD ✈ published piece of art

often we are RIPped apart by trauma or depression, to the point we are not the person that is who we are in reality, we become someone traumatized filled with the anguish from that trauma – and thus, some see themselves as dead or murdered … not living, or too depressed to realize it for many years. etc. not aware enough to realize the death they suffered!!!
RIP art relates to this and other emotions related to depression & PTSD

when i have an episode of depression or feel that i am falling into one of the symptoms of PTSD, i often go to creating art as an escape, to manage the anguish so that i am not as overwhelmed. Hopefully one can get to this point before it is too late, some times i don’t either.

This piece was also published recently – take a look:

1st  publication of art

– EVERYBODY feel free to share it on your social networks –

PLEASE ALSO, encourage all to participate in the card campaign – geared to stabilizing Veterans – Promoting Wellness

Card Campaign – Helping 1 Veteran @ a Time

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Natural Love FOR SALE

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