it is not all About me!!! just a very tiny bit!!!


β˜‚ i am U.S. Marine Corporal, kenneth james β˜‚

poet:Β kenneth james – poetry & video

i have over 500 poems, but have not been able to transcribe from journals and scrap papers, i have recorded a few – and am starting a new project (8/29/12 @ 10:05:40) where i want to find people who will record my poetry in a way they wish too… with my consent!!! and sign release that it be posted on my youtube.

artist: BUY – art / the soul of kenneth james
i have about 100 pieces of art shown on this site, and i have another 400 (aprx) that i will eventually add. i did this art, and still create art as a means of therapy for a condition called PTSD etc. One of my signature pieces is:Β find U’r Love found

i am starting a card campaign so that i can better help Veterans to become stabilized: So please feel free to join the CARD CAMPAIGN With over 100 pieces of art to choose from, and a great cause – it is a win win

& yes, it is about this Veteran as well, please feel free to read the brief Bio @ top of page
☞ U.S. Marine Corporal, kenneth james

i am writing a book about a severe trauma, a war less known – and not popular – it is not Iraq nor Iran etc. U can read about this in the book when i finish, and get it published.

i don’t typically capitalize my name nor i when referring to myself, all others i do, and this is because my person has been murdered, and at the time i live again, if i do before leaving earth, then i shall. there are other related nuances related to the trauma that i suffer[ed] that cause setbacks, and my reactions, are harmless to others, though i notice, some people take the time to try to understand where a person is coming from, and others could care less. i take this as the nature of earthlings in general, everyone is different.

there is much more to me, perhaps i shall add some later, and look forward to learning about the souls within the journey called 198

kenneth james
September 3, 2012

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