mini bio 1 ⟺ while trying to become an artist!!!

For each person who has ever created art, everyone of those persons may have a different definition of when it is, that they have finally become an artist. One may believe that they are an artist after creating what they consider to be their first piece of art. In that case, most of us who have attended grade school can consider ourselves to be an artist, as most people have created some kind of art during this period of time.

As for me: technically, i believe one is an artist if others say U are an artist, if they like your art and express it, if they receive from you a piece of art and acknowledge it as art. Also, if one if one buys your art, and especially brags about it!!!. When other artists say that you are an artist, that to me, is a very high compliment. This is not to take away from  those who are not artists. Another very highly regarded compliment, is just that, from a well thought out mind, being it from an artist or not… it is in the definition of the appreciation. When people tell me how the art they behold is moving them, motivating them and encouraging them in being inspired – to me, this is the highest pleasure and regarded compliment that i could ever receive.

My background as an artist ✍ as a boy, i used to draw trees, birds, cars and boats. by high school, i did my first substantial piece which was fire – to my sadness, it was disregarded when i went into the Marine Corps. 😰

it was not until years after i was released from the Marine Corps – around 2000 that i reached the precipice of depression (and years later i learned PTSD) to where i started doing art as a means for therapy. This was a setting that was extremely unstructured with some various mediums to work with, and i did anything i wanted to do. The only qualifier for these therapy sessions was to be severely depressed!!!

Years after i began, therapists, friends and strangers alike who looked at my art, started to ask if it was for sale, where they could see more of my work, and oooghed and aaagghed it, encouraging me to start showing and selling it.

For me, it was still hard, it took a couple, maybe a few years after these comments to finally be able for me to start showing, and readily making it available for sale, it was not until about 4 months ago. Now i have over 100 pieces on this site, and hundreds more i have not been able to get to yet!!!

Love Chameleon

All Art – 5 pgs

So my friends, am i an artist or not? stay tuned for the poll!!!

Poetry is also said to be art, so please feel free to see some of my poetry and video… very beginning of this with next to no formal education on it


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