Winter Written With Wonder Waiting by kenneth james

Poetry ✁ is the inner linings of pain inside out, all exposed, in a lyrical dance with word play bringing back stray thought that seemingly got away: it is at the – in the clouds pinnacle of every precipice exclaiming burgeoning joy, gratification, pleasure, & happiness: it is the word nerds playground in sound rooms of brain trained in everyday strain of realities observed and overheard, in the normal and the absurd – whatever those are: it is a philosophers springboard to catapult the ideas of idealisms into where swimmers swam to keep their cool from the pool of gibberish rhetoric tied to puppet strings wrecked in nonthinking absurdists not knowing of their nonsense!!!: it is the challenge to the stereotypically maniacal racist idiots, and the nonsensical people who prejudice others for their culture (◉practices that hurt nobody – but may offend some ◉) the question be as to why – and the mirror shall answer, the lack of education, and at least – intolerance. this and more is poetry – defined by kenneth james this day 9/11/12

Many people tell me i am a poet, and have some great words: this, my incantation to find the Vocalist to compliment this lyricist (wannabe – ☆ maybe isbe – but not yet sung☆)
please feel free to help Veteran in his fantasy to live again !!!

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