” 110% ” – every day poetry 1

i am soon to start this i hope, and so, it may just be written word, all copy written to me – kenneth james © 2012

” 110% ” 



is not what i have ever given

but well over 100 %

and to those who are perplexed at the possibility

it is quite easy, going above and beyond

that of the average soul

expending all your energy, and then some

like that of the Japanese drummers

putting both feet forward, and bring the hands to the ready

put the mind in gear, and shake off the troubles

to get embraced for the steady

flow of work grow from a place thought not had

but then there it is shining in the glistening sweat 

synapses are dripping wet, from the perfuse use without abuse

well, perhaps after all these years, it just comes naturally

and then coming to work it some more 

for U know it has not been quite a workout as of yet

>> so on the steps, to an even climb

to a verse or two

with or without rhyme , but everyday reason

in and out of what U think is a season

and lambasting all who readily commit treason to the integrity of civility

this to all the mindset of this art, here is creativity

so – does it suffice for brains betwixt these words and one’s thoughts

or do U not know

now my computer is at 17%

written by: U.S. Marine Corporal, kenneth james this day © October 14,2012 @ 11:45:31 fin

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