” before going to the dirt“ everyday poetry – 2

o.k. this is a learning process, and i hope that i get this going much smoother as time goes by, because this could get extremely long!!! i don’t know if i should just blog these, but i posted 2 in my everyday poetry on the bar!!!

” before going to the dirt“

in this time

says clocks that days slip in time

freeze not good for my mind

but it does all too many time

in the shortening of the span from here to there

where i am , on this earth and before i hit the dirt

not as in a low crawl ducking for cover, and keeping my soul from the shutter

but as in many feet under, all in my mouth

as i hope to be buried in a non casket

let the bugs feed on my soul, my body rot!

to make one more beautiful piece of life

>> in fact

let it be by a beautiful lake

plant the peach tree on top of me

let worms eat giving aeration to make the fruit sweet

let it be consumed to minds of excellent creativity

the same or better civility

spraying it to the stardust speckled sky

and coloring all of U and i
>> make all the memories of anything and all that this soul contributes

to be maybe the only and at least a final tribute

how long it shall last – be the present and past

making the new and better roads from history learned and passed

like from some of the most beautiful souls to walk the earth

Rev. Dr. Martin King Jr to name my very fav

with Jesus, and Jimi Hendrix, and Sue Brown to name a few

Sayuri Soul, and Ernie hoping to find more others whole

and the voice of Eloquence in our friend Jimmy Recinos

>> and to all the precious souls who serve –

up for the sacrifice to ensure Democracy instilled

and for those who continue to work in the service

of democracy not yet born

>> these and so many more have made my eclectic universal soul sing

and express the many forms of art from here to shiny sea

well, maybe just here so far!!!

and to where ever U and everyone takes it
i say goodnight for now!!!

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