“in this Nation we serve” – every day poetry 3

National Presidential Debate & the wish for this Nation to succeed, that we can all live decently and healthily in the promise of Democracy

“for this Nation we serve”

Marine Corpse, Navy, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard

and we others who serve…, some of them who actually also sacrifice their lives too

wounded in the wars abroad, and wars at home,

after how many lives lost in the fray of the every day

this opinion fighting that opinion

and the actual oppression and suppression of people by violence

terror, not only in these wars over seas, but these wars here at home

some of us in the midst of these, insurgents, taking and gaining by any means

>> but not enough it is to know this happens, like the wars over seas

nothing to change anything until it is thought about by all,

to understand the depth of complexities, as to how such comes about!!!

>> those in sky highs, and those who can’t eat

not just speaking of those soaked in the drug culture in tents and straight on the street

but those who just can’t get the shoes to stand on their feet

no momentum to gain, like sleet streaked sidewalks where the fallen still seek

seek to get a job to support the essences of life
>>My president, and Romney too, put some of the issues out, and still the poor will crawl

true it is as i see, one will help more poor to get free – but it is me

i want the green jobs, i know nuclear has no place on earth

so many possibilities where risk is too high – and other options available

for the U.S. to again sky high, and that from air, from sun, and water

energies that eventually have relative low cost

investing in the earth, is investing in ourselves

>> and more wars than we know what to think of

i speak of equal rights wars in gender, specifically women’s lib, in the most positive of light

fair treatment… for our gay community!!! and everyone to be free

the look into the injustice of a judicial system

the blatant racism that is more camouflaged by sophistication, today more than ever

So yes, this Marine served

for rights of all people, and for the decency and civility for disagreements to be resolved

in this Nation we serve

© 10/16/12 to kenneth james

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