here is what has been happening lately!!!

what has been happening with me lately???

well, i took the everyday poetry from the bar, and am just posting it in categorical blogs. i still don’t know how to take out some of the extra categories… i think i do, i just need to look for the spot.

i am going to put up a dream page about what i want to do with                                                art                                                                                                                              education                                                                                                                                        & writing: of poetry, and book about trauma

i need to edit and make the Card Campaign page better

i am going to make a page for each style of art i do

and i am extremely tired my friends,

oh, and right now, i have not invited but a few friends her… but anybody here, as many people as U wish to invite, please do!!!

soon i will do much to publicize this too , my self and ask others… i have just been swamped by all the work that i am doing for it!!!


and other things,

o.k. last weekend, i was at Pasadena City College, and what did the disabled homeless Marine Veteran find??? an i-pad!!! yes

and no, i did not keep it, i am just not that kind of guy!!, but i did need it nonetheless.

i sent the guy, Ben a couple of messages, told him i found his i-pad, he did not respond for a few hours, so i turned it in to campus police. that was a trip… but hey!!!

denied my VA benefits… need to get files and help to file that, i have the names, now need to do the work… monday, it is a go

i shall go on a 3 day volunteer for Obama campaign next weekend!!! – any body else wish to go, let me know, i will give U the contact!!!

peace and love to everyone, in hopes that we become more civil every day… as a people in a nation, in a world in a universe – Peace and Love

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