“compliant to friendship & whatever should be” – every day poetry 4

As written on the train ride back to L.A.

compliant to friendship & whatever should be

drinking age, and i no longer drink

(poem written on 10/15/12)

@ highland park station

♡ where did i see U before

i recall U’r name and U’r age

because – transcribed it is

on an Urgent page of this book

time-lined to the share in my head

though U-2- both refuse me space in U’r place

for traces to my face get u flushing

every case of sight & the thought of my untamed embrace

willing to coddle U’r every thought followed

>> both from here and from whence we met

and inclusive of all thoughts and things said by other U know

and they spent to untruths to the evidence of my presence known

so to moved U as the two of U moved me

b we just friends from afar

and always on par from face to face meets and greets

and swear words comforting to broken holes in our hearts pumped with blood filling arteries, opening and closing capillaries 

until it is blue in the face

to just let the natural be

compliant to friendship and whatever shall be

written by Marine Corporal, kenneth james, © 2012                                                                *(as all my poetry and writings are – regardless if marked)

this written by a single available bachelor – trying to figure it all out – and by that i mean how it works in the social world being poor and not being a “playa” and maybe a word nerd, and art crazed with no lines in this phase to a break for quite a few years

i have included a pic here, it is a poem i wrote in one of my journals, i am also working on a lettering project, i think many will like, coming to a blog near U (soon)… no, it will be coming to this blog, and reflagged or put on facebook etc. if it is liked enough

hand written poem - complient-to-friendhsip-and-whatever-shall-be

do U relate to this poem, did U ever relate on one side or another

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