“Sorry i missed U” – every day poetry 6

Yesterday was so busy, so i missed day six, but this is day six of every day poetry, with one day skipped, but today, i hope to write 2 poems – this one written today October 20th 2012 @ 16:01:38 – 16:08:04

“Sorry i missed U”

in the blue skies of where I was caught up

in the every day work

drowning myself in the hopes of sharing in a desperate time

drowning myself in the hopes to live

in the likes of so many others – and all they give

dreams born – shirts torn

threads falling to the ground

still surviving storms

we – the starving for good food

we – the hungry for a place of our own

we – the more we learn

the more unsatisfied we are in the unfair

so I was working so hard

trying to get just a little more work done

and in a pleasant distraction called

Li Xiao Ling

did I capitulate what I wanted to get done

for an intercultural conversation

in otherwise, songs that would never be sung

i did sing just a little, and per usual, off key

but I had her soul a bit captivated

not more than my own

in time disowned

nothing did come from it

and perhaps nothing ever shall

but in those brief moments

we seen different worlds

one she was visiting for a Masters Degree

one i hope to visit for all the beauty to beheld

momentarily did I glance in this dream

and so with U to share i do

this is where i have been

sorry i missed U

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