“in no cent – innocent” – every day poetry 7

“in no cent – innocent”

because only money flips the bill

and another on still with no ink in spill

but cypress museum station

still waiting for brain flow

to move from slow

to the mechanisms

moving in even throw

to this and that idea & concrete knowledge

worked the stains of life

to have only been wiped

but not before learned in mistakes

and made beauty in shapes create

wisdom to aesthetics once walked upon

and discarded in thorough disdain

as if one had made such themselves

and, so if they did

as if they to remain in

eternities eyes never to change

and some don’t

where it is then in

despair for the lack of humanity

to live inside one of raged cages

we seek only to rid such from faces of

true love embraces

that civility arise

as always to the masses

so in this no-hype and hysteria

that typically leads to

the other, unmerited hate

incivility in lies and the ignoring of cries

beaten by blind eyes

to not see the innocence

of character betrayed

in no cent – innocent

Written Sunday, September 22, 2011

by US MARINE CORPORAL  Kenneth James    @. 07.48.20 – – 08.51.56

©’d to kenneth james © 2012

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