“love on the black market” – every day poetry 9

 this a poem i wrote in 2009 – one of the first pieces of poetry recorded for me!!!


💗               “love on the black market”               💗

twenty 10

and until no end

put the pure

on the market


for rare to be seen

in the light

few even believing

I mean, with actions done

for eyes to the soul

to be seeing

and the elated one sung

it’s not for sale

not this Love

but gone underground

it’s seen too much blood

spills pooled

from puddles to lakes filled

when streamed from innocence

because none dared to heed cries

while tears of disbelief

drowned tries

then comes the whys

how did this happen

so says the passers bys

barely did they open their eyes

until too, …they flooded

tears to the place of humanity

too late

for too many, yes

now exposed

following our best

today’s society

choosing to follow

the recondite

with open minds

that love be ascertained

No longer strained

by difficulties to understand

that which for decades

was lost in the sand

the pure piled in the dirt

the reality

mixed up in the flirt

short skirts

& tight shirts

after  burning

Love’s true desserts




& daring

to say so

about wrong or gold

when if no speech

who suffers a blow

burnt to death row

so shop for real

U must

and if U are

unable to find

that which will

prevent all

from being blind

U will find

➛                          💗


on the black Market


➛ if U wish, now U can listen to how it sounds with the Marine orating it at a failed cadence to eloquence but none the less – give it a listen    ➛     

©      US MARINE CORPORAL  Kenneth James Written Friday, February 13, © 2009

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