“Nature’s Answer” – every day poetry 10

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 @ 17:51:19

Nature’s Answer

to Beauty is poise

to the lovely is grace

to the rich is humility

to health is weather

to disease is dirt


to the senses is the flirt

to sadness is

cool calming colors collecting cures!!!

to the romantic soul is fragrance

loveliness to our state of repose


to the vile is a chill

coldness that could and does kill

and the innocent too – does it not discriminate

so to be respected adored and appreciated

is this resource I hope – no longer to be faded


so a peace from anger

a calm from despair

an embrace for the lonely

a taste for the hungry

soul it is, and soul has been fed

this is

Nature’s Answer


all poetry and art copy written to U.S. Marine Corporal, kenneth james © 2012

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            ☂ all art 

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