“What Color is U’r Love” – every day poetry 12

this is a poem written several years ago… a poem that talks about color… imagine that, coming from a man like me!!!

“What Color is U’r Love”


Red Yellow Black or White & Brown found

where to U did U get this sound

like a Song Sang

knew not a thang

of this racist crap


got a name lame

no identity crisis

to what one knows

shows true and is priceless



race one way

all the way to see that U and to be where all is pathways lead to humanity


x (time) to void out inanity

of that which is pure profanity

Losing The Human Race in division’s gravity pulled us


how far down

already below ground


so it is

the place where This disparagement needs to be

that we the people

This Nation

to another waiting embraced with the face of reality

in quintessential life that now we strive together without strife


of light or dark skin

and all that is in-between

to not be


that of any measure or means

to hold one back from

dreams made in

this day

so much knowledge owned

to see this plague

fade far far away


that Now we find

our collective color of love

is abstract


and mixed in different hues shades and colors countless

in appreciation

of an eclectic culture



that of


What color is U’r Love

© U.S. Marine Corporal Kenneth  James ,                                                                                                     Transcription of: “What Color is U’r Love”

PO Box 401; Pasadena CA 91102                                                                                                                   Wednesday, August 06, 2008 @ 09:57:17

written on 6/12/08 @ 210617 – 214049

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