i missed everyday poetry yesterday, today i am going to post 2 poems… like i did last day i missed

so, yesterday… was a little depressing, but i put my Best Marine Corps feet forward, and fought through it.  this uncertainty is a killer sometimes.

so yesterday, i went to lab, felt i wasted 3hours , just listened to Maya on how to create the resume again, and could not do much else… , also got depressed because my chance to win 50 k was smashed just because i am homeless, i would not be able to do the show… as i would be easily cut!!! then there are the other uncertainties that are related… like all the time i have not been working because of disabilities and causal factors thereof.

anyway, despite that, after the lab, i decided i would not quit until i filled out the application to submit my art work to the Pentagon for a year long exhibition. i do not know if they will pick me, but i submitted… both the Portraiture of Passion, and Chocolate Girl in Strawberry Swirl (one of my funnest pieces).

————————————————————————————————-Earlier this month, i found a i-pad, i need one yes, and i would have loved to keep it, but i could not… just not who i am. i contacted the person, after i found out who it was, and told them to contact me… they did not, i turned it into the police several hours after not receiving a response, then they contacted me, and i told them the police had it.

_________________________________________________________________________My art was put up in the homeless shelter where i stay… 4 pieces, one was framed nicely, it is called “Love Triumphant” Also, before that, a couple of my friends purchased some of my art, and donated it to a Charity that made a bridge in Africa. They had to print the final pieces themselves and custom frame it to make it look extremely nice…

that was very nice, that i was at least able to contribute my art for an event, though friends bought and paid for everything… it was very very nice!!! thank U Ernie, and Sayuri.

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