Bachelors Degree – a very long journey

o.k.! Some of the post’s on the random thoughts are not so Random, like this one.

greetings… This is an accomplishment that is not just a very long journey because i acquired it while being homeless, suffering from PTSD and Depression, with several breakdowns each and every quarter… including those from being victimized because i suffer from PTSD…, Β it is also due to the causal factors of my disabilities that this has been a very long and arduous process to gain this degree.

this Bachelors Degree took over 25 years to complete – and so, part of it, the breakdowns and inability to do too much of anything productive, except for art for therapy, and other therapy, it shall come out in a book that i have been writing almost as long. i hand wrote 4 chapters and long ago, and have, in the past 4 years. i wrote those chapters all over again, without the handwritten one’s it will be interesting to see just how they compare.

Hopefully when i become a bit more stable, i shall earn my Ph.D. in Art Therapy, so i can help other Veterans with PTSD and Depression issues. that is my Dream and Desire, eventually i will help other people as well too.

so, here is one of my accomplishments A Bachelors in Social Work!

the piece of paper

the piece of paper – it shall be the matter of one of my next poems, that and the flowers of PCC

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