“my piece of paper – BSW” – every day poetry 13

a very nice piece of paper

it came in the mail today

all fancy swanchy

in a do not bend cardboard envelope

it is my Bachelors in social work

took 15 years to earn it

not one break downs, but many

and the homeless trek to get it

still i am

and in all my uncertainty

i shall still

further journey, at least one more piece of paper

a Ph.D.

in art therapy

whether i am homeless or not

whether my disabilities and causal factors may get in the way for me to ever have a job… i believe i will walk into my career to help others though… i have done so naturally always

so my piece of paper… therapy too, to me U were

and maybe U will lead others to therapy through me… when balance hits stability

my piece of paper

the piece of paper

the piece of paper – it shall be the matter of one of my next poems, that and the flowers of PCC

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