“dying to live” – every day poetry 15

US MARINE CORPORAL,  kenneth james                                                                             © Written Sunday, January 02, 2011 @ 08:43:26 – 08:53:38 &20:10:35 – 20:23:26


“dying to live”

Sunday, January 02, 2011


greetings to the dead

that life be instilled instead

bringing about some clouds

so rain it be the soul U r

showers flowers while stars do see


greetings to the dead

that precious life be

given back to those

who gave so free


the nurturing essence

in quality time sublime

building character in molecular dream

that minds weigh thought fray

known in difference of that written

to that of materialized video play


greetings to the dead

find me in the deep of blue

greet me with the greatest true

bind up all that hoped for too

that bring for light and hope in U



deleted been the day of might

sought in mind was blind in fright

from all that’s come not from plight

dished in and out in scream & shout

without clout given spout


greetings to the dead

that chance come to see

for when beautiful women

put to mind freeze

when finally words spoke

grace given to kind return


favor for the honest and good

delicious taken and understood

lovers come and comfort some

bring to hope for rope been done


the despaired


“dying to live”

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