“because the sex was great” – every day poetry 16

U.S. Marine Corporal, Kenneth James                                                                                     P4 – productions                                                                                                               Copy written on © 08- 29- 12 at 21 28 47

 💦   💦   💦

because the sex was great”

 💦   💦   💦

not because the sex was great

because there was none –

again in this spun out soul to needing such

if just as therapy

a remedy to stop the spinning

 💦   💦   💦

And to my eyes aesthetically pleasing

as Beauty beheld

span from my mindset to the darkest of deep blue skies

fried in the blinding sun

that still burnt there

and in as with a ton of it’s heat still burning all of this meat that is me

and the other three

 💦   💦   💦

is it still billions we see

just like meees and Yous

for the lack of finding a muse or two

to just a few

 💦   💦   💦

when out of your mouth

comes not even a how do you do

that’s my mouth typically where these words did you never find

 💦   💦   💦

not in time anyway

for every tomorrow to be forever gone

without neither one of us

to sing some of the same elated songs created from a non-sedated soul

  💦   💦   💦

With confidences and poise or none

did we go

as if a show just lurking in the shaded light from the sun gone

and moon faded by clouds

as crowds exit the theater

some learning and others being the creative freethinkers

free from puppet strings strained in black pots of oil streamed tankers

 💦   💦   💦 

eradicating free-form of breaking norms to inventive genius falling into the streets under the heels of the bombastically wealthy

hailing elevators down from their clouds of nothing but Green

they have to please themselves in power

 💦   💦   💦 

The shark to righteous journeys from a beveled plain

in a minds refrain is all one can hope for

or take all gains calling them by name

we rise to life again

  💦   💦   💦

if only because the sex was great

and not because there was none!

  💦   💦   💦

21 47 10

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