“ devastation” – every day poetry 17


 💦   💦   💦

late days to devastation

when early in the morning

uncertainties pressing on the brain

 💦   💦   💦

starting at the point

right around the olfactory

shutting down endorphins,

washing out norepinephrine

 💦   💦   💦

with system shut downs every time someone says

they want to speak to me

the uncertainty of being kicked out

falsely imprisoned to lies

shifting me to strange planets

of unrealistic dichotomized paradigms of everything to do with truth refused

 💦   💦   💦

or of another evil thing

less  my mind to time where stands still would be a good feel

if I not filled  @ all with such tormented flashbacks

 💦   💦   💦

to a crueler time

only for what now I’m behind

glass and steel of a train and stilled to everyday stains

 💦   💦   💦

the thickness of dried blood holding in the heated liquid of the constant spill

ready to flood great dry plains with blue reddened

of my DNA explained

 💦   💦   💦

so trained in rolling strolling to steady flowing

is it never standing still

until or unless

 💦   💦   💦

strained to restraints of puppetted thought constrained

in the same pain caned to a ripped body stained

with nothing of his own doing

 💦   💦   💦

but ignorance spewing regurgitated fluidity

screwing all in a stand still

and moving then closer to those that do

 💦   💦   💦

because of the paralysis of the few

or the many that too strung up

in strings of the agenda in dump truck academies

 💦   💦   💦

beaming in their filth of everything that has to do with nothing

but eloquently spoken to all those choking

on sweet desserts of keeping them fed to others oppressed

 💦   💦   💦 is  💦   💦   💦


copywritten on © 06 01 11 @  07 46 52                                                                                   to U.S. Marine Corporal, kenneth james

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