“ Chirping” – every day poetry 18

because i post too late at night, here is chirping again in the day time

kenneth james


 🐧     🐤     🐦

I shot the birds singing

their songs

swollen over my frame

within their frame

 🐧     🐤     🐦

found out

all of their names

bringing recognition

to their particular tune

  🐧     🐤     🐦

no delineation of elimination

but the harmony

of hands arm in me

me humbled

and down on one knee

amazed and befuddled

ecstatically given to emotional puddle

  🐧     🐤     🐦

and here

all of my thoughts

brought into huddle

and still stumbling over my own 2 – feet

even though

 🐧     🐤     🐦

now U gone past several days

still, I’m on that sing along

just the same way

since the first time

I heard U play

 🐧     🐤     🐦

and did I ever play

play I did too


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