“ Life’s better dance ” – every day poetry 19


⭐ Life’s better dance ⭐

🌹     🌹     🌹 

The floor for which U prance

doing everything

and to take a chance

with boldness

🌹     🌹     🌹  

to life’s last opportunities

vested rights bested

to have them with impunity

yet to be tested

 🌹     🌹     🌹 

so waltz to the floor

to the jig is up

when U see the fox trot

right off the electric slide

 🌹     🌹     🌹 

to be careful

U may break something

in U’r krumpedity bumpedity

at times it is better just to tip toe

as to ballet blanc

🌹     🌹     🌹

just be light on U’r toes

and careful

just a slight quick step

and time is up

 🌹     🌹     🌹 

be it U prefer the classics

or maybe U are quite the contemporary

perhaps U are eclectic

pending on opportune time

🌹     🌹     🌹

whatever U do

please don’t tip toe

around what U want to know

just ask in a motion

with U’r tapping on the floor

moving U’r feet to everywhere U want to go

putting them to action

to all U wish to do

🌹     🌹     🌹  

– in 

Life’s better dance

copy-written Thursday, February 26, 2009 @ 18:34:06 – 19:01:46                                       ©  to US MARINE CORPORAL,  kenneth james 

Life's Better Dance

even among chaos, love is life’s better dance, and can make beauty out of the ugly, because beauty is the soul of love – hence, Life’s better dance

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