“ Love what U do ” – every day poetry 20

“Love what U do”

Glittering sassy

Exploding Excitement

rapped and Swimming

in all that life is

❌ 💗 ⭕

is given to growth

from threads of passion

and blues to tears

don’t let it b distractions

❌ 💗 ⭕


getting U’r being placed

Now to gain traction

Letting fever boiled

❌ 💗 ⭕

caused to action

that gadflies slung

not growing weary to faction

but back sling

to do Everything

❌ 💗 ⭕

withering tall

and shaved to new

Now Never fall

to everyone’s

beck and call

❌ 💗 ⭕

but only redress

for best in U

that all that U have seen

suspected and knew

❌ 💗 ⭕

be where U be

been, gone, and going

Now to just believe

❌ 💗 ⭕

Sanctioned the sanctity of sacred life

think twice

to do it one

❌ 💗 ⭕❌💗❌ ⭕

Love what U do

Written Friday, February 13, 2009  @ 16:31:31 – 16:40:59                                                             © US MARINE CORPORAL  kenneth james

Love What U Do

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