“ Day’s Passion ” – every day poetry 22

kenneth james

“Days Passion”


that which can be


a cross section

of life


a dissection

intimately permeates

souls observant

of the radiance

LOVE rawly emits


Echoing into every day

all that breathes

That is not yet

again savage


given to incivility


etching out its existence

Rather than

consumed within

infinite numbers of particles

released photosynthetically

absorbed Supernaturally

Conceptualized Conscientiously


so enjoying


rooted in

the zealousness of ADVOCACY

fighting apathy

by giving meaning

to being in and of

its presence


exuberantly depicting

the preciousness of life

so behold



Days Passion

all poetry and art within this blog copyright to U.S. Marine Corporal, kenneth james             © 2012

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