” bad ass ride for democracy ” – every day poetry 24

” bad ass ride for democracy “

democracy for what U wish to say

democracy for what happened today

democracy for everybody

rich gay and poor

though the rich… they take what they know is rightfully theirs

with lawyers and power, and knowing everyone who exacts change

and even that which is not theirs is easily taken

not that there are not balanced rich people

there has to be… i believe i know some 

this is not the point

being that we who have not found that american dream

we who have to 

we must fight

we must shout

we must scream

and there are even rich, yes wealthy

who still await their rights

democracy pulled away

for what people say is wrong or right

these my friends, forgetting men and women who die

died, and who like me

wounded with the invisible (mental & physical injuries)

did so, do so, and are doing so for what

in my Marine Corps



yes, for women

doing many the same job

getting none the same pay

(still not even today)

but getting taken

time and time again

not in the good way

but the way that must be stopped

yes for the Gay population                                                                                               (GLT… something… sorry i don’t know that term yet)

and any disenfranchised

like me on many levels poor – and oppressed to a trauma

war less known… soon to tell everybody… as a book about to be born

people here in the wish to dream state

try for higher education

U name it

besides eliminating the blatant racism

like that seen in the election

that seen in the prison system 

so called judicial system

rights for the falsely imprisoned

for all who died and never to come  back

murdered by states with death penalties

refusing to consider their rights

DNA testing etc.

and those in need of

impartial professionals

true forensics


and no agenda from the system

this is a bad assed ride

it is for democracy

it is for liberty

it is for justice

it is for truth

it is for us


bad ass ride for democracy

3 thoughts on “” bad ass ride for democracy ” – every day poetry 24

    • it is all about democracy, peoples rights and freedoms, this is how this Marine Veteran feels, nobody in America should oppress and abuse their powers and privileges !!! thank U Marvin!!

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