” bad ass ride for democracy ” – every day poetry 24

kenneth james

” bad ass ride for democracy “

democracy for what U wish to say

democracy for what happened today

democracy for everybody

rich gay and poor

though the rich… they take what they know is rightfully theirs

with lawyers and power, and knowing everyone who exacts change

and even that which is not theirs is easily taken

not that there are not balanced rich people

there has to be… i believe i know some 

this is not the point

being that we who have not found that american dream

we who have to 

we must fight

we must shout

we must scream

and there are even rich, yes wealthy

who still await their rights

democracy pulled away

for what people say is wrong or right

these my friends, forgetting men and women who die

died, and who like me

wounded with the invisible (mental…

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