“ ghost in China Town ” (LA) – every day poetry 23

kenneth james

“ ghost in China Town ”

here i am 

on my walk

with my curiosity

and my fantasies 

within the intricate World of Chinese Culture

here i am in my head

in my thoughts

in my creativity

in my spillage of ink and artistic abstraction

so, where is it that i am

how far has it been that i have gone

why is it that i was not heard

can U tell me then

how long shall it be that i be disturbed


disturbed by the ink flow in my veins

where blood used to be and long been drained 

and for all the years i protested

others attest that it is that i complained 


and U would too

if it was that this was exactly as U knew

where one was murdered – though seen is dead

a ghost U see and the ghost…

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