” no admittance to life ” – every day poetry 26

because i put the poetry up at night, i hope to start reblogging in the morning!!!

kenneth james

started 215053 on 11 – 8 – 12


” no admittance to life ”

not even through the post office

not even if U could get a breath of fresh air

sustainable to the lungs that U not be bendable

hacking from the stacking of carcinogen monsters

bearing their ugly heads

like monsters desiring to take U’r last breath

but that

not even a part of this poem

more it is – about the lack to roam

in the state of democracy

where all are rightfully supposed to live free

this not the reality i see

but the rich can murder me

take my heart

and pound on my soul

hoping that i physically perish

that the truth never to grow

these in a riddle soon to be heard in the full flow of truth rolled from the tongue

to the tips of your ears

just begging that no…

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