” Just to understand ” – every day poetry 27

Just to understand


my mind

what it missed

is still

what it misses


that first kiss

the caressed (lips) skin

so smooth and silky

and mine

if even for

every short time

until it is

that she is ready to find

a heart pure is mine

and yes

in this single mid I have

there is time after time

the surrendering to the captivation

of this beauty and that beauty

and the beauty over there

and the lovely right here

and oh, i study her fair

wishing it was i

who caused her tiredness pleasantly

eyes pinched on the train

just like me

so many times in drain

today not an exception

but necessary for ink flow

to spill this person reflection

I have not a big enough bank account

I’m broke and 10 $’s overdrawn

I have not a home big enough

I’m homeless and all the way gone

Away from the shelter

Wrong so very wrong

But have I character

That which is ample

But to look @ me

U may bearely get a sample

But to take in just a little

For sure, leave U’r brain on scrample

Skittled and scattered to just a bit of matter

So much so, to make U’r brain fatter

Cluttered and fluttered it is

Now puttering and muttering in a

freeze from slow down

to just a taste, a teeny tiny drop on U’r tongue

and now U feel a tiny bit of hopeless

come to overrun my mind

and all of the time

and only me to work on it

even though it is not mine

but  just that little bit

almost run U out of time

like how many times in the fall

have I went totallyout of my mind

to the point where several times did i

try so hard to cancel any more time

from keeping my anguished mind

I wish some one just to understand

– just to understand  —

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