” Perspicacious cultivation ” – every day poetry 28

kenneth james

Perspicacious cultivation


So how to its cultivation

some blue abyss

to remiss

for all the days it missed U


for U

springs up the pure

Lovely and raw

and tall


reached to the skies

found the heavens and why

why it is continually renewed


to be there eternally

so U would not find U’r-self blue


the roots

U have never seen

Their hues & intricacies

Embedded in the body enriched

Nurtured in Nourishment of charity

that of the recondite type


maybe to the eye

it did not appear

as U – the beholder

seen it to

wane aesthetically



its character

gave to its beauty


its pleasantness

to every eye


in its encouragement

of truth

distributed in the balance of love

is the

essence of love’s roots


beheld in

Perspicacious cultivation

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