“ happy Veterans Day = DEMOCRACY ” – every day poetry 29

kenneth james

” happy Veterans Day = DEMOCRACY ”

Oooohhh Rrrraaaggghhh!!! Semper Fi

how many times people asked me why

in the integrity of who we are

Marines to the Corps

should U like to know more!!!???

democracy is not free

this explains it best

from wars popular

to wars unpopular and unknown

the situations one is in

typically with a team

could eventually be alone

to all the hell and pain

the strain of life not coming twice

though eyes open

a ghost before U

once lived

now dead in the memories of atrocities not easily fixed

time and time again – brain fixed in triggers never contained

only realigned – if good therapy attained

battlegrounds shifting from one country to another

from one city to another

from one block to another

giving up on trying to fight the inevitable returns

beating me time and time again

to a place where…

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