put this up late at night – so here it is again

kenneth james

β€œunscented poem”


what is this says to U

what is always true

what U have seen


what U have been through

how bad U want to quit

how bad to say goodnight


instead of listening to stupidity

not U’r own

from nothing U have ever done


but to the pee brained twigs

souled to a hole in the wall

with puppet strings taught


they sing songs of vile scents there predacious smell

and insist on continuing the same hell from

deep inside of their no brained spell


so this jibbering and jabbering

can’t get a breath of fresh air

can’t get a breath to breath


when will all the evil leave

leave, just freaking leave me

leave me to the saint i am


still cursing and my desire for a woman healthy

relationship ties… and not know how no longer

so in…

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