“ wounded warrior ” – every day poetry 31

“ wounded warrior ”

could not see me

not in the right away

am i dead ???


what has skewed my heart

what has taken me all apart

what, damn it, what


see my legs stretched out next to who

mangled and ripped to shreds by U know who

dried and shriveled and what to do


my breast plate all across my gate

in the trouble of what others called fate

not my own but subjected to


war has my helmut smashed to the top of my head

war has my brain, smashed to the top of my skull

war has never been known as this – in the unmasked


finally truth starting to flow

from this and other in murdered souls

watch now all these ghosts to where they go


in the hands of who they used to know

begging and pleading that they let other people know

their saintly deeds – and contributions to lives


in long lived nurturing taken twice

by those with hearts as small as mice

always predacious and never nice


my warrior is me

my sacred friends too

who know how to fight without creating blue


mindset to a high sight

tools of the trade in matters of the recondite

logic, reasoning and deduction too


to take back what is mine from a ton of fools

fools wishing i would forgive them

i am not U’r god to forgive U


accountability is all i want

the matters of civility in democracy is all i need

no mercy, no sympathy, just what is right


i am the wounded warrior

one of many – from one of many wars

the one i was subjected to – too still taking its toll

but this Marine shall watch them fold


Semper Fi – to that of the integrity of truth

Semper Fi to the covering for the preserving of life

Semper Fi to who i am as love

Semper Fidelis to all such ladies and fellas

Semper Fi man, Semper Fi

from the

wounded warrior

Wounded Warrior – linked to art site – over 150 pieces of art is there… take a look – please feel free to joint the card campaign

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