yesterday, Veterans Day was celebrated

i did go to pizza kitchen the second time, to remember those who never made it back

i feel i did not make it back much of the time. this ghost this person murdered by vile creatures… i talk of those who victimize on the home front. the topic of a book i want to write, but i need stability.


so today, not feeling like a damned thing… i am homeless with an evil person in the shared  room who knows not how to ascertain facts but is just a puppet and does evil things to project the fact that he is really very vile, and evil etc.  not accountable, nor responsible, and not civil, knows not how to discern etc. this angelic being who cusses and swears out of the pain of those who continuously commit unmerited hate crimes against me for no reason… but to fulfill the ends of the lies that they asserted and continue to wish to assert for the vile motives that they have.


i know it makes no sense to most people… maybe 99%, i know not, just my head space for today

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