” free art ” – every day poetry 33

this did not go through.. for the morning blog… i posted it last night and tried to repost again… and i guess it did not post, so here is the 2nd try

kenneth james

” free art ”

yes art should be free

at anytime possible

at least to view

if not to hold the beheld


as art is in the eye of the beholder

so to this place and that place to behold

and unless an artist already self-made

the most of it must be sold


i would love to be

and just to give it away free

and i have on several occasions

but as of yet – this is not my station

i am still of little to no stability


well should i be able to

i shall do it much more often

like showing at Swarthy’s

since July until now

just a quick visit to South Pasadena

to behold 10 and a Sculpture


to date

i have shown in at least 23 places

not many i know

but soon i will (hope) to show more


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