“ stop ” – every day poetry 35

something is crazy with my site, i blogged this last night, but here it is again, though it says it was posted 4 hours ago… impossible, i was trying to sleep in the shelter at that time!!! and they have a curfew!!!

did i tmi??? maybe so

kenneth james



the violence

the everyday in silence

complacency to the violence happening around U and me

the time and time again beguilement

unmerited hatred

because of false judgment

begrudging the wrongs to your steps not so strong

when everything in your mind is so wrong

and think about it for awhile

and receive the candid smile

to truly receive all the view of the person in the raw

and realize that the character does not lie

and if it is not U’r character , then try

for just a minute or two

to hear what it is – that a person has to say

listening to only just U

to see who it is – that U may be plotting against

to figure out a way of peace

to collect U’r thoughts

to smell the roses

and hear the birds sing

to watch the children play

and realize just…

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