“ hungry for love ” – every day poetry 36

this is the morning blog, as i posted this last night

kenneth james

“ hungry for love ”


for every sense of the way



brother and sister

from a family not my blood


but my blood none the less

good friends and spiritual

strong in their path

family just the same

the quality of similarities and interest

at times outweigh the (family) name


true i am the abandoned one

i was always there for them

and when i need the essence of life

none of them know my name


they can say they love me

and they say they can be there in their way

but know not about loyalty

not to family – this bothers me not


but to integrity and truth to shun what is not

and the one who plotted all

also the ones who joined in committing their crimes

in their lies and actions and never to come forward


but haughty…

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