i am a Marine Veteran – (one of my ideas) to deal with trauma


today, i am in the Spirit of the Marine

the Marine that i am, A Veteran, a non-Commissioned officer

in the mode that i must have a professional approach to most all situations

especially that to where i must succeed – in order to live

and in those situations where life was stolen for me, and i need to confront and approach this issue in a manner where i will eventually expose those responsible for chaotic state.

i need to find a way to do this in a proficient manner – because, yes the matter is quite intense, and can be mistakenly considered as an issue of me being crazy. So, this very serious matter that needs to be broached in a manner that does not overwhelm those who may have interest in it, and especially for those who may wish to help me.

so it is just a message to the world, in my quest for stability… so i can find people to help me write a book, including mentors who have written about the breaches of democracy, those who may be investigative reporters, researchers, biographers, docudrama Videographers, etc. i don’t know exactly how to approach it, but i have written 4 chapters and some subchapters i.e. prologue, epilogue, forward etc.

i am a homeless Marine Veteran,with (invisible) disabilities,  so maybe there is something we can work out in our arrangement  about the serious trauma i went through and continue to suffer from.

some off the wall and fantasy type ideas and fantasies

If anybody can host me for a period of time – or an ultimate fantasy, get me a place of my own!!!… and i could maybe teach U and your friends Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong, Hatha, slow breath yoga, core exercises with swiss ball, art therapy sessions, wash the dishes, be a personal driver etc.   Name an idea, and we can talk about it… (soon i will put up my ideas about selling all my originals and pieces of art (with or without copyrights).

if anybody could be my coeditor, or ghost writer for a commission, if anybody could promote my art and poetry and help me become stable so i can write my book.

anybody with some more ideas, post them here or write to me through email contact with proposals.


doubt this will generate any or much dialogue at all – but it is my voice to whatever world i can reach.


i also have the Card Campaign which is all about helping one Veteran at a time – and though for awhile, i may not be able help Veterans in a substantial way, (until i put on the oxygen mask and become stable) i still help in small ways !!! Anyway, so i am trying to end decades of instability by making a permanent way to have a place to live… not by begging, but by offering my art… in cards or large (Canvasses , Metal, or Acrylic prints) which for the 5 foot ones we can contract in person or go through the art website below


Card Campaign




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