” started the day out ” – every day poetry 39

started the day out,

i did some Tai – Chi in Alhambra Park

brought my soul closer to civility

and brought other souls of civility

closer to me

started the day out

it was a drowning of all the thoughts that try to beat me kill me and eradicate me

the thoughts that are the realities of trauma happened

still happening

while i am still doing my best in anything related to managing

started the day out

wishing and hoping

that there will be a way that a lover would descent like an angel

ravish my filthy soul

when little of, if any of the dirt is owned by me

sure… i am a bit naughty… in the goodliest of good ways

all natural to the desires of my mind today and everyday

started the day out, wishing and hoping that i retain strength

retained and gaining some new

to do all that there is to do

to expose the vile ways of

those who took my life

those who take my life

started the day out

so i can in the know

hold on to all that’s known

hopefully to get my breath back

my person back – i’m strong

started the day out

with all the souls who know me

at my side in my Tai – Chi stride

they, in the many different places

where each and every one resides

the similarities of our souls conformed to the eclecticisms (one of the good isms) of the universal soul

started the day out

took a picture of life

seen many vibrant lives all around

in exercise & play

when i

started the day out

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