” a little camera shy – on the other side ” – every day poetry 41

a little camera shy – on the other side

shooting still subjects

like that of

buildings, benches & bicycles breaking brain barriers

is easy like


flowers, trees, bushes, and bison

if i could find some

but in the subject matter of interchanged passion

that which could be anyway

that is intrepid waters to trembling knees

a shortened gasp of air

a lightened tone of voice

all that is the part of me

if there be voice at all

i… wa wa,  wa wa want to

uh… hi, my name i iiii …

i am the artist of abstractionism

well, that is what i want to say

or do i want to say, i am the eye of the beholder

or these are the eyes of the beholder

beholding U

art in view

want to shoot to U

find U in my screen

want to make U one of my dreams

want to create imagery that makes people scream

think and wink, and wince and dreamed

that this was them, this was true, this was what they wished to do

this is what … i should have done

this is what needs a ton

a ton of attention, a ton of get busy

a ton of lets talk about it

a ton of stop dizzy!!!

so what’s hot, female or male

in my every – single vision

inside of all political division

as well as any that is spiritually missing

so i am

just a natural guy

with a point and shoot

and if U wonder why

why i did not ask U

when U are all ready for a shoot

it is just because

{ i am } a little camera shy – from the other side

here i am - a ghost in China Town

China Town – visit in the fire of ghosts is me

lies handed me truth’s head

Nature's Love

It is what Nature gives to we are fortunate to partake, and more so, we who conserve.

Wounded Warrior – linked to art site – over 150 pieces of art is there… take a look – please feel free to joint the card campaign

share flowers with some one U know

color of my soul

this is about creating a house

today’s flower – kenneth’s nature

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