” from when and where ” – every day poetry 41

kenneth james

” from when and where ”

i am – U know who

well maybe U don’t

but maybe U heard

and maybe U heard wrong

maybe U have not beheld me long enough to know

i am kenneth james

with an uncertain flow

one U may have never seen

one U may have never known

but for sure

it is even shown

it is organically grown

spontaneous in its thought process

and not processed @ all

its all etched into this groove

U can hide or go outside in this vibe

it is strength in the survive

it is pulsating heart beats in being alive

or a ghost in waiting for another time

so break U’r mind

shake it up a little

maybe a lot

think outside the ☐ (box)

or just think

ascertainment to the containers U feel constrained in

U p\ut…

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