Christmas ” a close 3rd to my nerve ” – every day poetry 46

” a close 3rd to my nerve ”

wounded souls on hold to life

this dark and gloom and no hope for my wife

i don’t have one

so don’t think twice

of the advice U wish to give me

this just off the cuff and rough

19:02:52 i am working a few seconds

hod on

i will let U know when i am through

it is two to all of who i am and true

that is me and U know who

the soul for sure

it too is sore in the death of hell that this season reminds me of

nothing against anybody

less they the evil partaking in the consumption of my well mannered person

the destructive attempts to what it is that i have spent

but not more love have i to spend

will i be giving this until the end

i think and more

even under this earth

and more form this or another shore

so to hit the door

at the beginning of jingle bells

sorry this and many of the other songs scare me

to the places of trauma

✌ ✌

but i want to know about all that i have been

comfortable in the places that i used to be in

naturally falling into place of the normalcy

of the joy of others in these holidays

optimistic and nurturing i typically am

but Christmas has become

a close 3rd to my nerve


day's passion

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