” Dark World in the bright sky ” – every day poetry 52

Dark world, in a bright sky,

tell me, in this day to day, oh why and , how much harder, do i try, try, in a whimsical manner,


quite serious in my efforts,

effortless, never has it been, easy button, in the where and when,

have U found one, one too, if U did, can U share, share too, like i did, i do, how about U,

i try this candor, o.k., so i don’t try,, it comes natural, why, and why not, truth is the best way, the best answer, to all who hate not the truth,

reality, so sadly, i lie cut, and bleeding from deep wounds, never healed, because the cuts are always new,

i sit here, now laying, lethargic i am not, but i can’t get up, i did not fall, pushed i was, and when i tried to crawl,

so to come from here, to U’r positive world, positive, positively, positutely, in the remote, remote way of everyday, can i say,

i look into U’r eyes, i see no disguise, i know that it is time, truth will, it shall prevail,

so here it is, now wind, give to thee , and take these folds from the sail, get me from the flames of this synthetic hell, get me from out of the liars spell, get me, get me another life, a life brand new, a life with love, a life with U,

yes please, and yes i beg, and yes in this writing, stil not enough said,

so to my book , one day U go, to see how it is , that i am dead, in the want of life, in the want of love, in the want of a bed, nicely so, to lay my head, not for dirt naps snapped, but  a female lap, and the lap of luxury, if only for the minutes, the hours, and days, shall there be any, in this life, so in years past, in these my hopes that many more passed,

and read are the words to civility, civility for this recondite soul, recondite, just spend a few minutes, and minutes at a time, then U will know,

Merry Christmas, and every holiday i am yet to know, Happy New Years , and this Marine does go in a

Dark World in the bright sky

total discombobulation from… U refuse to consider my point v 5

total discombobulation from… U refuse to consider my point v 5

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