” L.A., can U catch the door ” – every day poetry 53

” LA, can U catch the door “
day time deliriums
chaotic hysteria
lack of curial
cure for all in the dirt
for everything i have not a shirt to where with it
not a chance in hell to catch me in every fell
not a pain pill in fills of the height of it all
not a knee joint left in crawl
to walk or run to the middle of this “fun”
yet that dead beat wrong in her tune not tuned in
realities taking back seats to the hype of all of these
and the highway patrollers in strollers of mindset
well? what set to their mind
it is fine
no time in the bottle of whiskey to figure out my good guy mentality
no room in the boot to get booted before the time to help me
before knowing of the facts that i waxed with the still of the abusers moving
in every breath exhaled in their connivances
none in authority willing to bring them to the light
right fight i’m in to always wish and hope that the veracious to prevail
i’m in that sail, always falling on the dead weights of no air in false hate
& revictimization to this soul wishing not to be the victim
victoriously going to the downfall to every rejection
to every injection of interrupted life to vile’s subjection
do i hope, in what
Jesus to save me
where in the hell have U been
in all these falsities wreaking havoc for angels
saints complaints to failed ears
steering all in futile directions of time wasted
based in the wreckage of steal penetrating the hearts bloodiest eruption
to the consumption of the corruption in voracious appetites for hedonistic butt wipes
go ahead and do what’s right
see me to finally take flight
in a right to hope
from sludge on the streets not to budge in their slippery slope
doped up in eradications temperament they all went
for puppet strings instead of the gold rings to freedom
we all have, well had the right to
as this Marine Corporal lies dying in a ditch to the days sun hid in the pitch
itching to live
live again, if i have ever lived before
wait, here is my stop,
LA, can U catch the door
14:38:19 – about 20 minutes i did garage band audio but need some help making it into you tube video – any helpers out there?
on the way back from tehachapi 1

on the way back from tehachapi 1           –          linked to the portfolios of the abstractionist            –

Photo on 12-22-12 at 1.20 PM #2 a

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