” santa list – day after Christmas ” – every day poetry 56

i am a Veteran who served our Nation Honorably, with integrity. i applied for benefits , denied , but am appealing.

i am homeless only because of lack of finances and my disabilities and causal factors of them.

so if U can help in any way at all, please do. if U know others who will please share, even if there is a chance they will – U never know unless U try

i have put contracts out for all of my art, around 500 pieces, i made a contract with or without ©’s . 3M without and 15 M with. if anybody secures this for me, and does so with the inclusive communications with me, i shall reward U a 10% fee of the contract – so – share the one with the stars and all who U know who will be interested. with the right marketing, i venture 10 times this amount can be made in one year.

peace and love my friends , thank U for your willingness to help a homeless disabled Marine Corps Veteran

kenneth james

” santa list – day after Christmas ”” santa list – day after Christmas ”

i was supposed to write this yesterday – December 26th

the internet went down

and i was down

✺ ❋ ✼ ❅ ❄

but i made a list for Santa

a few days too late

go fund me page addresses

  raise a studio 
✺ ❋ ✼ ❅ ❄
funny thing is
there is much more i desire
much more i wish for
much more that i need
✺ ❋ ✼ ❅ ❄
and i know many of us have needs
and i am not trying to put mine before others
i have never done that
✺ ❋ ✼ ❅ ❄
i am just learning
after years of therapy
i have to love me
i have to…

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