” day in the dumps – preValentine ” 48-days – every day poetry 57

” day in the dumps – preValentine ”



yes i am

want to be

no i don’t

what i do about it

it’s lost hope


do i want it to be

no i don’t

what can U do or say

i don’t know


i am not a player

no place to play

i am not a balla

no money coming my way


i am the pathetic

the apathetic i despise

for always giving up, and not giving it a try

i don’t know how

i don’t know why

💔 💟

for many years i say

i hope it will change this Valentines

a day where i will not be lonely

wanting for the cuddles

like an express shuttle

taking U’r feel good to the place of learning again – understood

❌💙  ❌💔   ❌💝

i don’t know if i will get it right,

i need Will Smith, the love coach

but that is not all

i need to find a break

out of this disabled body

this wounded soul

can’t just wish it were not true – i don’t think so!

💘 ❌💔 💟

so another day of art therapy

and i have some friends, they pray for me

some as well, so practical

as  i remain a freaking spectacle

💔 💝

Well Valentines 2013

please make some luck for me

unlike liars in fires murdering me

scream as i may

still impossible to keep them at bay


so as i try

haven’t given up

i know i need to work on what to do different

how does a homeless man build confidence

how does he not let disabilities to get in the way

how does he keep telling himself – i have a lot to offer

when it seems what he has to offer is not needed!!!

💔 💟⭕

my problem is what this is

so shared this day

do i thrive or fade away

 ❌💘 ❌💔 💟⭕ ❌💝

matters not what i look like

matters not what i do

matter not what i think i have to offer

if i find not a lover too!!!

❌😘 ❌💙 ❌💘 ❌💔 💟⭕ ❌💝 ❌💛 ❌😍

my in the dumps poem

 day in the dumps – preValentine

attractant of male love

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