” Happy New Years ” – 2013 – preValentine 45-days – every day poetry 59

” Happy New Years ” – 2013

to live in 2013

to have the greatest of joy

and to be walking in the promises of freedom on the roads to civility

to enjoy the words in reality of my very favorite super hero

that is Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said

paraphrased say i

where people of every culture and every hue alike play, work and live one with another

finding the harmony in the beauty that comes from every individual and how they practice their culture, and the cultures they gather in their educated person

may we all find a way to live life to the fullest

in pursuit of dreams of how we shall contribute to this wonderful planet

and not to forget

that it is not all that wonderful to all of us all of the time

as well as the plants, animals, water systems etc

we are all together on this earth

and to be vile, that is the only shameful thing

so let us, like the sun shining upon us

be lit for energy to ourselves, so we too energy to others

and like the rain and snow that comes to nurture too

let us poor ourselves into the complication our souls solution

NaZdrowia to all our New Years Dreams coming true

Happy New Years


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