” roses & dandelions ” – 2013 – preValentine 39-days – every day poetry 61

kenneth james

roses & dandelions

a beautiful collection of leaves, exposes our eyes to any given color, and a fragrance that lures the passerby’s to stop and take in its romantic scent, all held by a stiff protector of its grace guarding it with thorns – keeping away the timid and the predacious alike, easily one does take part in the adoration of this majestic creation

on the flimsy stem, giving way to a young foot, kicking its loosely knitted flowering ball to the air, watching it dissemble and blow in the wind to many many feet away, as the young person follows the path of the wind to the direction of the newly detached flowering. Only a short time later will the young one be taught not to kick such but to pull them as weeds to be discarded, the flower turned ugly, and nasty and unwanted!!!

as societal creatures –…

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