” roses & dandelions ” preValentine 39-days – every day poetry 61

roses & dandelions

a beautiful collection of leaves, exposes our eyes to any given color, and a fragrance that lures the passerby’s to stop and take in its romantic scent, all held by a stiff protector of its grace guarding it with thorns – keeping away the timid and the predacious alike, easily one does take part in the adoration of this majestic creation

on the flimsy stem, giving way to a young foot, kicking its loosely knitted flowering ball to the air, watching it dissemble and blow in the wind to many many feet away, as the young person follows the path of the wind to the direction of the newly detached flowering. Only a short time later will the young one be taught not to kick such but to pull them as weeds to be discarded, the flower turned ugly, and nasty and unwanted!!!

as societal creatures – this too – many use in their practice with people – the beautiful getting attention, opportunities and positions that the less beautiful (in the eyes of the beholding populous), they get less, have a harder time getting to a place of prominence, that is, until their worth is shown or recognized by one who propels them.                                        it is likewise, the same for many who are born or in poverty. Whereas those who have made it rich, or “filthy” rich, their seed has all the born benefits, and is also the exception to the beauty & the discarded paradigm, for here, all who are under the umbrella of wealth, and who are favored  –  as some become ostracized  –  all others – good or bad – have it easy – and are wanting for nothing material  –  character and emotional value are though, that which is never acquired with wealth nor beauty

so i, as many along with me, have shown our value, and find that some view us in our beauty, our contributions, our worth, though, still, we – many , still in the struggle to find that, which is the opulence of life, in a world where it takes money to make money, so until then, one – we , are on pause to live

so, my dandelions, and my beautiful roses to, let us both see our beauty and our worth. Where as Roses are cultivated in their typical purposely planted arenas, we dandelions, we are many, randomly growing here and there and everywhere, we are the common folk if U will. So roses, as i adore U’r beauty too, we dandelions are free, giving our nutritious properties, nurturing and healing, we hold U’r beauty not against U, but only U’r lofty and superfluous attitudes in U’r world where the bombastic demagoguery must be put to an end – to see the fairness for all – we dandelions and unsponsored roses

peace and love to U all this my day 39 until Valentine poem for everybody!!! let us appreciate the wholeness of who everyone is, and the contribution, and U beautiful women and women alike, the man U turn down, may have more value and worth than U will ever know – and likewise we men – who only find value in a woman’s beauty –                                 we all stand to gain in the profit of wisdom and tangible worth when open to the beauty that truly makes a person!!!

oh, and maybe this is not poetry, or maybe in the eyes of some it is, be it prose or just a writing that comes from this soul – heard and in the reach of many – well – happy 6th day (and 7th day) of 2013 (pending on U’r region)

“a taste of dew i do and PCC garden too GARDEN IN SPRING MAJOR”

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